Bray Danielle Photography — Louisiana

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Photographing weddings is our passion! We approach every wedding with the thought that YOUR wedding is going to be our best yet. We want to bottle every detail, every emotion, every moment of your wedding, into a series of photographs that you can look back at and relive over and over again. Bray Danielle has the education, experience, and reputation to rock your wedding photos like no other can. Awarded The Knot Best of Weddings 2014.

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BroussardWed019z_BrayDaniellePhotography ChampWed961_BrayDaniellePhotography ChelseyBridal48bz_BrayDaniellePhotography DozierWed205c_BrayDaniellePhotography EmmaFBridal19bw_BrayDaniellePhotography HammondWed184fudge_BrayDaniellePhotography LogsdonWed131z_BrayDaniellePhotography MeganLiBridal26z_BrayDaniellePhotography TaborEng117b_BrayDaniellePhotography TaborWed0974b_BrayDaniellePhotography