Hawaii — Thomas & Annette’s Romantic Elopement

This beautiful Hawaiian wedding comes from Infinity Photography Hawaii. Read on for a beautiful look at this love story with a twist from Sweden, written by Infinity Photography Hawaii’s Desiree Maher…



Location: Makena Beach & Golf Course

Date: January 30, 2013

The Romantic Elopement of Thomas & Annette

These two sweethearts met at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party in Sweden. They experienced that feeling of love at first sight and had their first kiss at the turn of the New Year.

They decided on a beautiful elopement very close to the date they met because they wanted to share an intimate ceremony that simply focused on just the two of them. They chose the breathtaking Makena Beach & Golf Resort, which offers some of the most amazing views Maui has to offer. Makena is known for its many long, white sandy beaches & crystal blue water.

It was a touching ceremony & they truly slowed down to take it all in. They had their first dance under the gorgeous Money Pod tree & read notes that loved ones had sent from Sweden. They were swept off to enjoy a delicious seven course dinner by the beach…


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Thank you to Infinity Photography Hawaii for sharing this Thomas & Annette’s beautiful day… As I post this from Laramie, Wyoming, the wind chill is reaching zero, and we’re anticipating snow… how this wedding brightens up my chilly day!

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