Something Blue by Infinity Photography, Hawaii


Thanks to much to Desiree of Infinity Photography Hawaii for sharing this thoughtful and symbolic shoot with us. Did you know the meaning of the time-honored phrase? I have to admit, I didn’t! I learned a lot – read on, and see how you can incorporate this historical rite of passage into your wedding – or the wedding of someone you love!

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“Something Old, Some New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Sixpence in Her Shoe” is a timeless wedding tradition that is still celebrated in the wedding scene today but often times is rushed into the “getting ready” portion of the day. Back in the 1800’s in the Americas, this was a moment held between the women and the bride to wish her well before becoming a wife. All of the gifts were to be worn throughout the wedding and during her life as a reminder of the love & support shown by the women that love and cherish her the most. The gifts themselves carry meaning as well as the women presenting these gifts. I created this shoot as an offering to brides to take this moment with the women that are a part of your wedding and allow this circle to happen if possible. The actual act of this gift exchange can happen in the hotel room or maybe during a picnic the day before or possibly before the ceremony. However it may unfold, give this time for yourself & those women that love you and let them wish you all the best on your journey as a wife.

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The gift of “Something Old” traditionally comes from the crone or grandmother of the bride and she passes on the symbol of family, the past & traditions. We used a delicate bird’s nest to hold the family ring passed on to the bride from the matriarch of her family. The gift of “Something New” comes from the flower girl or youngest maiden and we chose to give a new pair of mother-of-pearl heart earrings — the heart always being a symbol of love and the earrings to be adorned on her wedding day.

The gift of “Something Borrowed” comes from a maiden in a content & loving marriage or relationship. The bride’s maid spoke words of inspiration from The Master of Love and adorned her with essential oils of roses & sandalwood. The bride smelled of romance and beauty.

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The gift of “Something Blue” is a symbol of purity, fidelity & love and comes from a maiden who is pure in spirit. The traditional gift is a blue garter belt and so we had a locally handmade deerskin garter belt dressed with a small bunch of vibrant blue hydrangeas. Finally, the gift of the “Sixpence in Her Shoe” symbolizes prosperity & wealth and comes from a maiden who is rich in spirit.

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Our maidens gave her pink Hawaiian sea salt from Kauai and showered her in a rose petal bath.  The color palette for the bridesmaids’ dresses was a celebration of the rosy dawn and the beginning of spring. The bridal gown was a vintage ensemble created by Blayne of the Abracadabra store and gave the sense of elegance & grace to our bride. Dusty gave each of the girls a gorgeous up-do with flowing, loose braids & curls incorporating local succulents & deerskin wraps. The makeup was fresh and dewy with tribal touches to tie in the sacredness of the circle being held. A big thanks to everyone who pulled together to create this beautiful story…

The photo credits:

Hair Design by Dusty James Bolyard

Wardrobe Design by Blayne of the Abracadabra Store

Makeup by Liz of Maui Makeup Artistry

Succulents provided by Rainbow Acres Succulent Farm

Essential Oils given by Sol Flower Botanicals

My beautiful models:  Sarah, Kim, Ame, Heather, Anja & Carla

Photography by Infinity Photography of Hawaii

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